About the MBCA

We play an important role in representing the best interests of our local captains and fishermen. Learn more about us and consider becoming a member.

The Montauk Boatmen and Captains Association (“MBCA”) was originally established in 1965 by a group of local captains for the purpose of ensuring their voices were heard by lobbying politicians at the state and federal levels. Their mission was to preserve the tradition of the sportfishing culture in Montauk and ensure long-term and equal access to our local fisheries. 

Today, the MBCA is more than 80 members strong, and includes party and charter boat captains, commercial fishermen, recreational anglers, marinas, and other supporting organizations interested in helping us continue our mission. 

As a non-profit, volunteer organization, our dedicated members donate their time and money to support the Association, which benefits not only our professional captains, but also everyone who fishes Montauk’s waters.

Members meet on a regular basis to discuss current events and other matters that directly impact our fishing fleet.  We travel for state and federal fisheries meetings to continue ensuring our collective voices are heard.  We also maintain relationships with our Congressman, Assemblyman, County Executive, and other representatives who help lobby on behalf of the MBCA and Montauk. 

We welcome new members who want to join us in supporting these important efforts, which are imperative to preserve our resources and access to them.

Use the APPLY button or email montaukcaptains@gmail.com if you’d like to learn more about us. 


Captain Rick Etzel


Captain Tom Jordan

Vice President

Captain Bill Witter


Jerry Borriello

Assistant Treasurer

Captain Jill Maganza-Ruiz


Captain Dan Guinta and Captain Tom Mikoleski


Captain Joe McBride

Legislative Representative

Captain Ken Hejducek

Assistant Legislative Representative